2×4 Pockets for your container or shed

2×4 pockets attach to the support columns and will accept standard 2×4 or 2×6 lumber. Since the pockets are designed to be used in pairs, use them to span the full width of the container or shed. Because the capacityRead More

Modular 96 (Giant) – accessories are compatible

Modular 96 (Giant), uses the same accessories as our other containers. You can built a shelf using the support columns, shelf arms or the 2×4 pockets. Do you need to hang something up? Use the cable/hose hanger and attached itRead More

Safety tips on using your loading ramp

Safety tips on using your new loading ramp. Inspect ramp before each use. Tighten any loose hardware, replace any worn or damaged parts (call us at 888-335-4507 if you are needing replacement parts). Replace safety straps if webbing is frayedRead More

galvanized vs painted modular containers

Galvanized vs painted modular containers. Yes there is a difference other than the color. The galvanized is made entirely of 18 gauge G90 Galvanized steel. The painted is made of 24 gauge G90 steel. It is a lighter steel, butRead More

Single door vs double door on modular containers

Single door vs double door. The single door has an opening of 38.5″. The double door has an opening of 68″. Deciding on what door you want will depend on what you are going to store in your container. IfRead More

shelf supports – shelving for your containers

Shelf supports attach to the support columns in your container. Use with 12 inch to 16″ deep shelf. Supplied as a pair with hardware. Support Columns Not Included. Because we use 18ga Galvanized G90 Steel, each arm has a capacityRead More

Steel ramp parts – damaged, we can help.

Steel ramp parts are purchased separately if you have lost or damaged any part of either your loading or utility ramp. Yes, it happens. You accidentally run over your ramp, and now some pieces are bent. Rather then buying aRead More

Conveniently packed to save you money

We conveniently packed your containers in a way to save you shipping costs. Why waste your hard earn money on items not packaged properly. For example; our standard container is shipped on what we call an A-Frame. Everything we useRead More

Peak roof vs flat roof for modular containers

Peak roof vs flat roof. A peak roof and color option will make your container look more like a backyard shed. This gives you a little more usable space on the inside of the container. Because of the unique designRead More

Cord hanger for multiple items in your container

Cord hanger can be mounted on a standard support column. Great for electrical cords, water hoses, or rope. Multiple hangers can even be used for horizontal storage of longer items like lumber or bar stock. Rather than leaving your itemsRead More

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