Need an assembler for your containers?

People get busy with everything these days. If you don’t seem to have the time or the know how to assemble your container or if you are not good with tools.. give us a call. We can help you findRead More

Purchasing a steel loading ramp… so many options.

We offer more choices and more possibilities than any other loading ramp manufacturer. A loading ramp can be folded so save room when you are not using it. There is wide variety of loading ramps designed for every application andRead More

Storage cabinet for anywhere you need to store valuables.

This galvanized steel storage cabinet can be used at home, garages, businesses.. anywhere! The storage cabinet is a perfect fit anywhere in your home, business, or office. Because the cabinets are smaller, they can also be double stacked. Can alsoRead More

What’s so unique about our garden planters?

Well first of all … the garden planters are constructed of 24 ga G90 Galvanized Steel and Western Red Cedar. Secondly, with the different heights that are available, with the taller ones, there is no need to bend down andRead More

Have a small space on your property? We have smaller sheds.

Don’t let a small place in your yard discourage you from purchasing  garden sheds. Need more storage but don’t really have the room for a big shed? The Modular 57 storage sheds are designed to fit in smaller places. TheseRead More

Bike locker season. Safe & secure storage.

Out of sight, out of mind.  Bikes are stolen far too often, use a bike locker. When you think of a bike locker, most think of those bike racks you see at the malls. Even those are not really safe.Read More

Are you looking for renovation storage?

Don’t know where to put your items…. use one of our containers for your renovation storage. Renovations can already cause you stress, why not relieve some of that and use one of our galvanized steel containers for your renovation storage.Read More

Enclosed Work Bench that is Lockable

The Enclosed Work Bench uses any standard lock. In addition to the same heavy duty construction as our containers, there is a steel pegboard on the back of the work bench, so you can hang up all your tools! ThereRead More

Galvanized steel sheds are the way to go!

You will feel better knowing that your bicycles, lawn mower, and other tools are safe and secure in one of our West Steel sheds. With so many different options, our Modular Container is the perfect fit! Heavy Duty Steel ShedsRead More

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