Surveillance Container


Add a surveillance package to your container.

Some people steal. Usually it’s other peoples stuff, but sooner or later, they will steal your stuff. The good thing is that if your stuff is really hard to steal, these people will skip you, and go back to stealing other peoples stuff. You paid a lot of money for your construction site assets and you should protect it from idiots willing to destroy thousands of dollars worth of equipment for 20 bucks worth of copper wire. Let us know what your needs are, and we will produce a container capable of meeting those needs.

Protect valuable equipment and supplies in the container, and monitor your work site at the same time.


The package will be available on the Standard Container, Modular 96 and Modular 75

Different levels of security will be available inclucing:


Exterior cameras on all 4 sides

Mast cameras for a larger viewing area

PIR sensors on all 4 sides

LED lights on all 4 sides

Vibration sensors to detect tampering or grinding

Hidden door locks to complement the visible bar lock

Solar powered with battery backup

4G LTE real time notification and camera monitoring


Protect your on site equipment, and monitor your worksite remotely. Get immediate notification if someone is nearby.

Multiple sensor inputs minimize false alarms.


Call for pricing and availability dates


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