Specials – Visit our Palm Dessert, California dealer location. A1 Steel Storage at 77550 Enfield Lane, Ph: 760-200-1102 for pricing and information.

Scratch and dent sale

Limited quantities available, hurry before they’re all gone!

Choose from; standard, modular, or skid containers, sheds, lockers, planters and more! Give us a call. Or visit their website to see a list of all the products.

All storage units come standard with high security door bar lock. And a lever mechanism that is designed to accept any standard lock. Heavy-duty hinges and tamper proof hardware provide additional security. Also, all our containers are man portable, durable, and weather tight. Making them the perfect choice for a multitude of storage applications.


Rather than purchasing a plastic or wood shed, try one of our galvanized steel ones! Because these are heavy duty, you know it’s going to last.

Still looking for something not shown? Take a look at our products page.

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