Available Products

Product Categories

Standard Containers

A favorite with commercial customers. Our most economical container. Great for self storage, trade lockups (tools, parts), equipment enclosures. Double stackable.

Modular Containers

Similar to the standard container, but smooth sided, and more “configurable” with side and double door options.  Easy to insulate.  Not double stackable.


Sheds are modular containers with a peak roof and double door option.  A variety of colors are available, or you can leave it as a galvanized finish.

Sea Container Accessories

Accessorize to make the most of your container. Vents, hooks, brackets, and shelving.

Skid Containers

Portable and pallet rack able.  A mini container for trades, or an enclosure for pumps, generators, or electronics.


Equipped with adjustable shelving.  A heavy duty lockup for tools, or high value items.

Work Space

Close the door and start again exactly where you left off without anybody messing with your tools.

Parking Storage

Use this dead space in your parking stall instead of valuable space in your apartment or condo.

Bike Lockers

Out of sight, out of mind.  Bikes are stolen far too often.  A single lock is not enough.

Container Accessories

Accessorize to make the most of your container.  Shelving, racking, bins, tubs, hooks, you name it, we have it.

Garden Accessories

Planters to match your containers.  Four heights, configurable in all kinds of ways.

Custom Containers

We have made a lot of custom containers for a lot of people.  Sometimes our standard sizes are not quite right.

ATV Ramps

Load your ATV, motorcycle, lawn tractor, snow blower or anything else that has wheels into your pickup, or onto your trailer.

Cargo Utility Ramps

Use these for mobility applications or where you are pushing the load up to a higher surface.

Storage Racks

Medium duty cantilever style racks.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Safety bars in a variety of finishes and sizes.