Garden Accessories

##Planters to match your containers. Four heights, configurable in all kinds of ways. Can be used as a fence or retaining wall.##Fully customize your yard by combining panels of different heights and lengths to achieve a multi-layered garden bed. Can be used as a fence or retaining wall. Panels/posts may be purchased individually or in kit form.
Constructed of 24 ga G90 Galvanized steel and Western Red Cedar. Also available in a painted finish.
Four heights available—with taller sizes allowing you to garden at standing height. Panel heights include 7.5” (planter 10), 18” (planter 20), 28.5” (planter 30), and 39” (planter 40).**Galvanized Steel, Western Red Cedar***Versatile Garden Design* Create Unique Spaces: Tailor your garden space to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences by combining panels of varying heights and lengths.*High-Quality Materials for Durability*Built to Last: Our garden panels and posts are constructed from 24 ga G90 Galvanized steel, ensuring a robust and durable product that can withstand the elements. For those who prefer a natural look, we also offer panels in Western Red Cedar, known for its beauty and resistance to decay.*Ergonomic Gardening with Various Heights*Comfortable Gardening Experience: With four different panel heights available, you can choose the perfect size for your gardening comfort. Taller options, like the 39” (planter 40), enable gardening at a comfortable standing height, reducing strain and making gardening accessible to everyone.

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