Storage Racks

##Our medium-duty cantilever style racks are available in three distinct styles, offering versatility for your storage needs. These racks are suitable for outdoor use, providing an ideal solution for storing longer items efficiently.##Our racks come in a bolt-together kit for easy assembly. Constructed from 14 gauge galvanized steel, they offer excellent corrosion protection. For storing extra-long items, multiple horizontal units can be combined. Alternatively, our vertical units are perfect for minimizing the use of floor space. Each kit includes all the necessary hardware for assembly.**Space-Efficient & Durable***Bolt-Together Kits for Convenience*Our storage racks are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, arriving in bolt-together kits that ensure easy assembly. This approach not only streamlines the setup process but also allows for flexibility in configuration. Constructed from 14 gauge galvanized steel, these racks are built to last, offering outstanding corrosion protection that makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.*Maximize Space with Horizontal or Vertical Options*Catering to a range of storage needs, our racks provide versatile solutions for organizing extra-long items. For expansive storage requirements, multiple horizontal units can be seamlessly combined, creating a comprehensive system that efficiently utilizes available space. Alternatively, our vertical storage units are an excellent choice for areas where floor space is at a premium, allowing you to store items upright and minimize their footprint

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