OnSite Secure Sensors

##Designed to be flexible and adaptable, West OnSite Secure sensors and systems work seamlessly in any location with cell service or available Wi-Fi.##The system is designed to detect human presence as well as monitor outside structures and assets on your site. Sensors can be in plain sight, hidden within an asset, or embedded within items that commonly exist at your site.
Sensors can work collectively or alone. Use the app to set sensor sensitivity, and trigger logic. Easily set up alarm events based on multiple detections from different sensors.
Just as with our drop boxes, our standard gateway is used to communicate with the internet. The sensors can be located up to 1 km from the gateway.
To support software development, improvement, and ongoing server maintenance we need to charge a minimal yearly fee of $79 per gateway. To avoid yearly fees, unconnected gateways are available.**Customizable Detection & Alarm System, Stealthy Sensor ***Versatile Sensor Deployment*Tailored to safeguard and monitor both outdoor structures and valuable assets, our system employs cutting-edge sensors capable of detecting human presence with precision. Designed for flexibility, these sensors can be positioned conspicuously, discreetly embedded within assets, or integrated into common site items, ensuring seamless security integration.*Intuitive App Control*Through our user-friendly app, you have full control over sensor sensitivity settings and the logic for triggering alarms. This customization allows for the creation of sophisticated alarm events, activated by diverse detection scenarios across multiple sensors. *Cost-effective Connectivity*Utilizing our standard gateway, the system maintains consistent internet communication up to 1 km away, ensuring dependable off-site monitoring. To support the continuous development and maintenance of our software and server infrastructure, we apply a minimal yearly fee of $79 per gateway.

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