##Our sheds are modular containers featuring a peak roof design, available with an option to choose from a variety of colors. Alternatively, you can opt for the classic galvanized finish for a more traditional look.##Similar to the base modular containers, sheds feature smooth sides and offer enhanced configurability, including options for side and double doors. While they are easier to insulate, it’s important to note that they cannot be double-stacked.

Standard features of our sheds include a high-security door bar lock and lever mechanism compatible with any standard lock, along with heavy-duty hinges and tamper-proof hardware to ensure additional security.**Colored, Insulatable & Heavy-duty hinges***Included With Your Kit*Rear, side, roof, and front panels with door. Complete floor assembly (3/4″ OSB floor deck, pressure treated skids and floor framing). All hardware and instructions. Panels assembled with clinch joints instead of spot welds for better corrosion resistance. Reversible door. Made entirely of 18 ga G90 Galvanized steel (color option has 24 ga with wall bracing).*Optional Features*Extension kits. Painted colors. Pressure treated plywood deck. Weather Stripping Kit. A complete line of storage accessories (shelving, racking, benches).*Customizable* Transforming modular containers into “Shed” configurations involves adding a peak roof and a double door, along with various color options, enhancing both aesthetics and usability.*Durable*Sheds offer easier insulation options making them suitable for a variety of climates and uses.*Heavy-duty hinges*Along with heavy-duty hinges and tamper-proof hardware the robust construction and thoughtful design of our sheds mean your possessions are well-protected, whether you’re storing valuable tools, equipment, or using the space for leisure activities.

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