Skid Containers

##Portable and designed to fit on pallet racks, this mini container is ideal for tradespeople or as an enclosure for pumps, generators, or electronics. It offers versatility and convenience for a variety of applications##All skid containers are designed to fit a standard 40″ x 48″ skid. The bottom edge of the container has pre-punched holes that allow you to attach to the skid, or any other flat surface. The skid container is available in 78″ and 60″ heights.
The container can be fitted with a variety of accessories to expand its versatility. If need be, the container can be easily disassembled for storage.
Manufactured entirely with 18 ga. G90 galvanized steel. These units come standard with a high security door bar lock and lever mechanism that is designed to accept any standard lock. Heavy-duty hinges and tamper proof hardware provide additional security. Each unit is delivered unassembled, ensuring easy and cost-effective delivery.
**Heavy-duty, Galvanized Steel, High Security, Durable***Kits Include* Our kits come complete with everything needed for assembly, including all the required hardware, rear, side, and roof panels, and a front panel equipped with a door. Additionally, all hinges and the door bar lock assembly are provided, along with detailed assembly instructions. It’s important to note that the kits do not include a pallet floor.*Standard Features*Our products come with standard features designed for durability and convenience. They are assembled using clinch joints, which offer better corrosion resistance compared to traditional methods. Additionally, each unit features a reversible door, providing flexibility in setup and access. For those requiring more space, extension kits are available, allowing for easy expansion of the unit’s capacity.*Optional Features* Optional features include an Extreme Weather Kit, designed to enhance durability and protection under harsh weather conditions. Additionally, we offer a complete line of storage accessories, including shelving and racking options, to customize and maximize the utility of your storage space.

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