Our Products

we specialize in crafting high-quality steel solutions for modern storage needs. From galvanized containers designed to withstand the elements, to versatile modular containers for customizable storage solutions, and secure lockers for personal or commercial use, our products are built to offer durability, security, and efficiency.

Standard Containers Image
Standard Containers

A popular choice among commercial customers, this is our most economical container. It is perfect for self-storage or as equipment enclosures and is designed to be double-stackable for efficient use of space.

Modular Containers Image
Modular Containers

Similar to the standard container, this model features smooth sides and offers both side and double door options for versatility. It’s easy to insulate, providing additional utility. However, it is not designed to be double stackable.

Sheds Image

Our sheds are modular containers featuring a peak roof design, available with an option to choose from a variety of colors. Alternatively, you can opt for the classic galvanized finish for a more traditional look.

Sea Container Accessories Image
Sea Container Accessories

Accessorize to make the most of your sea container. Vents, hooks, brackets, shelving, storage bins, tire rack kit, and a bike rack kit. Also available are mezzanine kits.

Skid Containers Image
Skid Containers

Portable and designed to fit on pallet racks, this mini container is ideal for tradespeople or as an enclosure for pumps, generators, or electronics. It offers versatility and convenience for a variety of applications

Lockers Image

Equipped with adjustable shelving. A heavy duty lockup for tools, or high value items. Ideal for your home, or business use.

Workspace Image

Simply close the door to securely leave your work as is, and resume precisely where you left off, with the assurance that no one has tampered with your tools.

Parking Storage Image
Parking Storage

Maximize your living space by utilizing the unused area in your parking stall, rather than occupying precious space in your apartment or condo.

Bike Locker

Durable, weatherproof bike locker for secure storage of bicycles, gear, and valuables. Features 18-gauge steel construction, high-security locks, and tamper-resistant hardware. Includes steel flooring and wall mount bracket. Stand-alone or modular design.

IoT Containers Image
IoT Containers

By integrating IoT capabilities into our storage containers, we can transform them from a passive container into a smart, connected asset.

OnSite Secure Sensors Image
OnSite Secure Sensors

Designed to be flexible and adaptable, West OnSite Secure sensors and systems work seamlessly in any location with cell service or available Wi-Fi.

Container Accessories Image
Container Accessories

Accessorize to make the most of your container. Shelving, racking, bins, tubs, hooks, you name it, we have it.

ATV Ramps Image
ATV Ramps

Easily load your ATV, motorcycle, lawn tractor, snow blower, or any wheeled equipment into your pickup truck or onto your trailer for convenient transportation.

Utility Ramps Image
Utility Ramps

Utilize these ramps for mobility applications or whenever you need to push a load up to a higher surface, enhancing ease of access and efficiency.

Storage Racks Image
Storage Racks

Our medium-duty cantilever style racks are available in three distinct styles, offering versatility for your storage needs. These racks are suitable for outdoor use, providing an ideal solution for storing longer items efficiently.

Pallet Racking Accessories Image
Pallet Racking Accessories

Safety bars are available in a diverse range of sizes and come with options for either a plain or galvanized finish. Additionally, they can be selected based on duty rating, with both medium and heavy-duty versions offered to meet varying requirements.

Garden Accessories Image
Garden Accessories

Planters to match your containers. Four heights, configurable in all kinds of ways. Can be used as a fence or retaining wall.

Custom Containers Image
Custom Containers

Western Steel & Tube, renowned for its adaptability and expertise in the field, offers bespoke manufacturing services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your specific application.